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Cage's Theatre Piece No.1

London’s Smith and Brown to Recreate First Happening

London's Smith and Brown will be hosting events between 5 – 9 April 2016 that will conclude in a full re-staging of John Cage’s Theatre Piece No. 1. which originally took place at Black Mountain College in August 1952. While there is no score or official documentation of how to perform Theatre Piece No. 1, Smith and Brown will utilise research and Rudolf Stingel’s Instructions (1989) to fully realise the piece with contemporary elements.

Three public workshops will instruct participants in recreating Stingel’s Silver Paintings which will be incorporated in the performances of on April 7th and 9th. Jaime O’Hara’s reading of Cage’s Juilliard Lecture will be the backbone of the performance which will be presented along with Julie Cunningham’s choreography, a new slide presentation by Richard Wentworth, music by Nonclassical and the Hermes Experiment, poetry read by Arthur Bruce, and records played by William Fussell. The audience will be arranged similarly to the original and the performance will end with the serving of coffee as it did on that August night in 1952.

In addition to the two performances, there will be a series of talks throughout the week for the public to gain insight into how Smith and Brown researched and came to recreate this legendary Happening.

Visit the Smith and Brown’s Instruction/Event website to reserve free tickets


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